Fluorescent tubes that are coated in this material are otherwise known as the single banded tube, this coating is well known throughout the food manufacturing industry. Not only does this coating help contain glass fragments, reducing labour and cost if an accident were to take place, it also conforms to the IEC 61549 standard and assists towards the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points regulation.

The FEP material is 98% transparent to visible light and 95% to UV-A light with a thickness of 0.30mm. The life expectancy of this material is approximately 90,000 hours + with no embrittlement or discolouration. The maximum continuous operating temperature of a lamp with this coating is 200°C within an enclosed fitting, the melting point of the material being 260°C.

There are many companies within the UK claiming to manufacture and supply FEP coated Shatterproof Lamps, however, it is important to request Independent Drop Test Reports from any supplier as outlined by the IEC 61549. The material used is not always compliant FEP, resulting in poor performance and the requirement for premature lamp replacement as the following may occur...

If a supplier is unable to provide this documentation, it is highly likely you will not be getting lamps that are fit to be used in enclosed fittings or within the food manufacturing industry. Legitimate and illegitimate products have a clear difference in both price and performance. The price of FEP material will be incurring a price increase as of August 2011, if you think a price is too good to be true it usually is.