What is the IEC Regulation?

The IEC 61549 regulation is currently a best practise regulation which states that shatterproof lamps should work by retaining all shards of glass at the end of the full life expectancy of the lamp thus, protecting your production environment should a lamp get accidentally dropped during routine lamps change or maintenance.

There is one sure way to know you have the right lamps which conform to the regulation and this is to switch out for the Greenstock single banded FEP lamps! If you have have a single banded lamp and independant drop test reports are unable to be provided it is unlikely to be IEC 61549 compliant and come 2013 may cause you to fail any audits carried out on your premises.

How do I know my lamp is IEC 61549 compliant?

IEC 61549 compliant tubes should have a single band at one end of the lamp with IEC 61549 printed on it, if there are no bands or more than one then lamp is not IEC 61549 compliant.

If you have any doubts, ask the supplier to provide you with their independant drop test reports. All suppliers that supply lamps that conform to the IEC regulation should have this documentation readily available. Greenstock drop test reports are available online just click here.

Which materials are IEC compliant?

Currently the only material that has been confirmed as compliant to the IEC regulation is FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene), there are other materials that claim to be compliant like ITUV, RT395 and PET but these currently aren’t IEC 61549 compliant and suppliers that use this material would not be able to provide the appropriate documentation for audit purposes. Visit the FEP Coating page for more information.

Is the FEP coating a fire hazard given that it can be subject to such high temperatures?

Our FEP coating consists of a fluoro-polymer resin that has extremely high thermal resistance properties which will not combust when subjected to high temperatures. These lamps have been glow wire tested at 650°C and will not be ignited by a naked flame- See FEP material specification.

How can I prove that lamps are compliant to auditors?

Anyone supplying an IEC 61549 compliant lamp should be able to provide an independent drop test report to prove their lamps have been put through there paces and perform as required. Click here to access Greenstock independent drop test reports online.

Our company uses IP65 enclosed fittings. Why would we need to use shatterproof lamps?

IP65 fittings are designed to protect lamps against dust and water and don't provide a totally glass free environment if an accident were to occur. The main risks of breakage occur during routine maintenance where a mishandling incident can cause un-coated tubes to shatter and result in contamination. All FEP coated Greenstock lamps are suitable for IP65 (high temperature) fittings.

Where can I get shatterproof lamps?

If you require shatterproof lamps please contact us on 01522 522 522, email us at sales@greenstock.co.uk or contact us using our enquiry form and we will be more than happy to help. Alternatively contact any major electrical wholesaler such as, City Electrical Factors, Edmundsons Electrical, Electric Centre or your local independent electrical wholesaler and ask for the purple banded IEC shatterproof lamp, look at our distributors list for more electrical wholesalers that carry the green banded tube.