EcoCoat is the new and affordable IEC 61549 compliant material from Greenstock.  The material itself has been fully independently tested to conform to the highest standards with an average saving of  24%.

Greenstock has reacted to the market demand and have designed and produced a fully compliant material at a fraction of the cost of current offerings.  EcoCoat now enables end users to make a fantastic saving on fragment retention while still maintaining the strict standards required within chosen industries.

Greenstock EcoCoated lamps are suitable for all manufacturing environments where glass retention is of key importance.  A simple mis-handling mistake during routine maintenance can result in a stop in production due to glass particles contaminating the products.  This is an all too common situation and the risk can be easily reduced by ensuring the correct usage of compliant lamps is in place.  Our Ecocoat lamps have been through rigorous testing to make sure that they withstand the real world scenarios of maintenance drops and have passed the IEC 61549 European standard to which health and safety auditors expect within the food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industry.

Our T8 Ecocoat tubes can be recognised by a single band on one end of the tube and can be used in open and enclosed fittings. Our T5 Ecocoat tubes have 2 green bands at one end and can be used in open fittings only.

The Ecocoat material will last for 20000 hours which is the life span of most lamps and is much greater than the 8000hrs required to achieve the IEC standard. 

Available over the T5 and the T8 range, Ecocoat is able to keep costs low while ensuring your standards are kept as high as you and your customers would expect.