Price Breakthrough on Shatterproof Lamps!

Friday 27 March, 2015

It's not often that a product is launched within the lighting industry that impacts on budgets in such a positive way, however The Greenstock Lamp Company has done just this with an average saving of 24% on its latest EN 61549 compliant shatterproof lamps.

Greenstock is one of only a handful of companies that produce shatterproof lamps with the highest level of protection against glass contamination caused by either accidental breakages or routine maintenance. This level of protection however comes at a cost as everything does and this has always been the constraint for a lot of companies.

After listening to the demand in the market and being at the forefront of the lighting industry, Greenstock and specialist material manufacturer Gunze have developed a new product which not only complies to the EN 61549 Standard, but manages to do so in the most economical way possible. Make way for EcoCoat!!

EcoCoat is the affordable, economical entry level of glass retention which conforms to the highest standard to which shatterproof lamps can be coated. This provides the benchmark of quality assurance and the production standards of lamps supplied. The EcoCoat shatterproof tubes from Greenstock have been independently tested and certified compliant to EN 61549. Greenstock are able to supply a copy of the independent test Certificate of Conformity and Drop Test results, which other shatterproof lamp companies are often unable to do, as some of their lamps are not compliant with the IEC standard.

Companies that need the glass retention of shatterproof lamps in their industry now have the assurance of IEC standard lamps at the same price as non-compliant lamps being offered elsewhere in the market. Greenstocks aim is to not only re-educate their customers on what they are buying but to also ensure that the products are as described unlike some other products that are available on the market.

With the introduction of the new EcoCoat shatterproof fluorescent tubes, Greenstock now has two products for the shatterproof market.  This includes FEP which is specifically used by Greenstock for specialist applications such as coating Aura long life lamps and is easily recognised by a purple band around the end of the lamp itself.  Whilst not yet a legal requirement, the standard sets 'Best Practice' within the industry and has been introduced through BSI / IEC with input from the LCA (Lamp Coaters Association) of which Greenstock is a founder member.

Shatterproof tubes are now widely used within food manufacturing, preparation and a number of different industry environments where the shatterproof coating on the lamps prevent glass contamination should the lamps break, which is often during handling and routine maintenance.

Greenstocks level of service is second to none and the new EcoCoat product range will revolutionise the shatterproof market  with a cost effective EN 61549 compliant material.

The EcoCoat shatterproof coatings are applied at Greenstock using specialist machinery and strict quality control procedures ensuring the highest quality finishes. EcoCoat lamps are suitable for use in all food associated applications, being approved for use in the food industry to HACCP regulations. The T8 lamps can be used in either open or enclosed (IP65) fittings and are identified by a single green band around one end of the fluorescent tube. The T5 lamps can be recognised by 2 green bands and can be used in open fittings.

Greenstock's new range of T5 and T8 EcoCoat shatterproof tubes come in a full range of wattages from 8W to 70W and are available in the four colours of Warm White, Standard White, Cool White and Daylight. These shatterproof lamps have an average rated life of 20,000 hours, the eco coating lasting as long as the lamp.

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