Greenstock Shatterproof Announces New Distributor - BED Ltd

Thursday 20 June, 2013

BED Electrical Distributors are now an approved distributor of Greenstock shatterproof FEP tubes. Greenstock FEP shatterproof coating helps contain glass fragments, reducing expensive maintenance costs should an accident happen. Our FEP coating also conforms to the IEC 61549 standard allowing food industry customers to buy with confidence knowing they have a quality product that will pass the auditors inspections. FEP shatterproof tubes 

As the largest electrical buying consortium in the UK, BED Electrical Distributors are well placed to service a variety of customers from different industry backgrounds. BED's commitment to flexible service and responsive supply solutions made Greenstock Shatterproof an obvious choice of supplier.

Greenstock's stock holding and in house coating services ensure customers recieve a fast and reliable service that can easily be tailored to suit the customers individual need.

For a comprehensive range of shatterproof products contact your local BED distributor at or contact Greenstock on 01522 522 522 for more information about how we can help you.

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