Price Increase in Fluorescent Lamps Market

Sunday 01 January, 2012

It was announced on 23rd May 2011 that there will be a price increase of approximately 25% across the board on fluorescent lighting. This increase will be taking effect as of 30th July impacting on both fluorescent tubes often used in commercial environments and the compact fluorescent lamps more common in the general household and any other lamp containing Phosphor. This increase will vary by product type; all other products supplied by The Greenstock Lamp Company will not be affected

The reason for this price increase is a direct result of demand and supply, Phosphor is a rare earth oxide that is generally exported by China from the mines there. China has dramatically reduced the amount of Phosphor available to export and therefore the price continues to increase.

The lighting industry requires less than 10% of the Chinese export quota which puts the industry at a competitive disadvantage as the supply of these oxides decreases. Originally the increase was going to be an estimated 10% however as the supply has continued to be restricted the price increase has risen to 25%. There is also the possibility of future increases on a monthly basis until the global market stabilises.

The Greenstock Lamp Company Ltd appreciate your understanding on this matter and if you would like any other information on the increase please give us a call on 01522 522 522.

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